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Small Business Health Care Insurance Video Series

The Chandler Chamber of Commerce is committed to making businesses fully aware of the positive and negative aspects of the many health care options that are available.

This comprehensive video series helps employers navigate the frequently asked questions associated with choosing a health plan.

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Click on a thumbnail below for the answer to the corresponding question.

What is an Affinity Health Insurance Plan?

How Competitive are Affinity Health Insurance Plans?

How do Affinity Health Plans Deal with Pre-existing conditions?

What are Self-Funded programs?

What are Trend Rates?

How does a business owner navigate the market?

Must a small business or employer provide insurance?

How do I find health insurance for my small business?

Are there credits available for employers offering health insurance for the first time?

What can businesses do to deal with high deductables?

What are health Care Sharing Options?

What about pre-existing conditions in Small Business health plans?

What are the different options of Small Business health plans?

What is a small business health plan?

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