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Small Business Health Care Insurance Video Series

Healthcare Options for Your Employees

The Chandler Chamber of Commerce is pleased to introduce an innovative high-quality, low-cost program from the national healthcare company Capstone Health Network.

CapstoneCare lets employees and their families obtain healthcare treatment from the comfort and safety of their own home in just 30-60 minutes for the top 75-80% of the most common reasons people see doctors.  The CapstoneCare program also includes no-charge short-term mental health counseling, savings of up to 80% on all FDA-approved prescription drugs, and optionally 10-50% savings on dental, chiropractic, hearing, vision, diabetes supplies, and more.  Telemedicine and mental health services are available in both English and Spanish.

Thanks to special arrangements made by the Chandler Chamber of Commerce, the CapstoneCare program costs as little as $17.95 per employee per month or less.  This alternative to costly health insurance makes obtaining healthcare faster, easier, convenient, and less expensive.  In addition to being an important tool in the fight against the Coronavirus, the program will help employers cut healthcare costs; reduce employee turnover, sick days, and call-offs; help attract, hire, and retain top employees; and improve employee productivity and wellness.  This program is ideal for smaller employers who can’t afford expensive, high-deductible health insurance or employers with part time employees.

CapstoneCare can be implemented a stand-alone alternative to health insurance or implemented as a supplement to costly high-deductible health insurance.  The program which benefits the Chandler Chamber of Commerce is month to month with no contacts.  Employers can choose to cover some or all of their full time, part time, 1099, or seasonal employees.  The program can be employer paid, employee paid, or a combination of the two.  CapstoneCare is also ideal for downsized employees and people who cannot afford COBRA.  Note: This program will not conflict with any health insurance you may already offer.

For more information about how CapstoneCare can support your company and your employees during the COVID-19 epidemic, please contact:


Jeff Roberts at 800-845-7720 or


The Chandler Chamber of Commerce is committed to making businesses fully aware of the positive and negative aspects of the many health care options that are available.

This comprehensive video series helps employers navigate the frequently asked questions associated with choosing a health plan.

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