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Copy of How We Stand Documents

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Chandler Chamber's Award-Winning, How We Stand Legislative Agenda

‘How We Stand’ is the Chandler Chamber's legislative agenda.


Its development is the result of a collaborative process where Chamber members and stakeholders in the community gather to share and discuss their ideas and positions on issues critical to Chandler and the region.


Annual round-table discussions are held with key industry leaders, Chamber members and public officials on issues that include Education, Energy & Utilities, and Transportation -- among many others. Participants discuss each bullet point for relevance, potential reform and validity. After the initial dialogues, the document is revised and sent to participants for comment. The process is repeated until it is truly indicative of “how we stand”. Once this formidable task is complete, the document is shared with all local elected representatives so they may (and often do) refer to it during the legislative session.


This document represents the collective will of over 172,000 employees. These employees do not just represent the Chamber, they make up the families of our Chandler community. It is why we invest so much time and energy making sure the Chandler Chamber of Commerce has their best interests at heart

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