Chandler Chamber's Award-Winning, How We Stand Legislative Agenda

How We Stand is the Chandler Chamber's legislative agenda. We meet with Chamber members and stakeholders in the community regarding their positions on issues. We hold annual round-table discussions with industry leaders, members and public officials on particular issues such as Education, Energy & Utilities, and Transportation among others, and painstakingly go over every bullet point for relevance, reform, validity and discussion. After, we revise the document and send it out for comments, and repeat this process until it is truly indicative of “how we stand”. Once we complete this formidable task, we give this document to all of our elected representatives so they may (and do) refer to it during the legislative session.

This document represents the collective will of our members, over 1,400 businesses and 170,000 employees. These employees make up the families of our Chandler community and it is why we invest so much time and energy making sure the Chandler Chamber of Commerce has their best interests at heart.