Chamber Voter Card 2016

Chandler Chamber of Commerce on Prop 205 Marijuana Initiative

Chandler Chamber on Prop 206 Minimum Wage and Paid Time Off Initiative

The Chandler Chamber Board of Directors have voted to formally oppose both Proposition 205 and Proposition 206. The Chamber believes both of these measures, if passed, would cause immediate harm to the business community not just in Chandler, but the state as a whole. One, Prop 205 seeks to legalize the recreational use of marijuana and could result in a loss of economic development in Arizona as businesses choose to leave the state or decide not to invest in expansion into Arizona. Prop 206 seeks to mandate an increase to the minimum wage businesses must pay hourly employees over the course of several years, it is believed that this measure would place an undue burden on businesses and could result in reduced workforce and loss of profit for small businesses as their cost of doing business would rise.